Overcome language barriers

Translation IconIn today’s globalised world, a crucial part of a leading company’s strategy is to overcome language barriers. In fact, English is often referred to as Switzerland’s fifth national language.
Translation opens up new market opportunities, and speaking your customer’s language(s) will increase your customer base. Did you know that a German CV is different from an English resume in language and structure? Or that your customer’s language is different from your company language? Geography, culture and the context – what is known as localisation – are part of translation, too.
You will benefit from a modern translation implementation: the digital age has impacted translation, too. Specialised computer-assisted translation software is an essential part of today’s translation equipment, producing swift and precise translations, and increasing productivity on the translator’s part. Furthermore, translation memories are established to keep the terminology consistent in the case of larger projects.
If you are lost in translation, book me so I can find the missing words for you. You can combine this service with your social media channels if you and your customers are interested in multilingual content.


  • German → English
  • English → German
  • French → English
  • French → German


  • Corporate communications
  • Digital/IT
  • Marketing and PR
  • Quality Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture and Art
  • Social and Language Sciences
  • Tourism
  • Economics

Text types

  • Social media channels
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • BA/MA theses
  • Website content
  • Course material
  • Typed speeches
  • Business correspondence
  • Manuals and guidebooks
  • Resumes
  • Video subtitles