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January 28, 2018

Five ways to use Instagram Stories

Animated content is on the rise. You can post a series of video clips or galleries on Instagram Stories, launched in August 2016. Instagram Stories is an important resource for companies to share information about themselves. One of the tenets of social media is sharing is caring. As an enthusiastic user of Instagram Stories, I have listed 5 top uses I have come across from sharing my own Instagram Stories and watching my followers’ Stories. Basically, it is all about storytelling and how you tell it.

1. Behind-the-scenes

A raw and realistic glimpse into the life of your business draws your audience into the “birthing process” of your product and the making-of which leads to the finished version.

2. Teasers

By using teasers, you make your audience hungry for more. Do you recall how excited you are when trailers for your favourite series are released? That is the feeling you want to create for your audience.

3. Live events

Sharing an event with people in real-life-time adds to the excitement and increases the spontaneity of your interaction with your followers.

4. Sharing

You can insert links, mentions and various references to other Instagrammers or invite influencers on board.

5. Personal touch

Elements like stickers and text add a playful vibe to your content. This type of informality allows for a more personal and human connection with your audience.

Your story will vanish in 24 hours, so generating fresh content and tailoring it to your target audience is an ongoing process.

In the meantime, Facebook is testing a cross-posting feature which allows Instagram users to share their stories on their WhatsApp profile. Keep your eyes peeled for this feature if it is released – I know I will be!

Sharing is caring

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