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My name is Savitri de Sousa. I am a multilingual Swiss of Indian origin with a Portuguese last name living in Basel. I grew up as a native speaker of English and German. In other words, it was a great environment for becoming a translator and during my studies at the University of Basel, I focused on becoming a communications professional. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Media & Communications, English Literature & Linguistics and French Linguistics.


With the advent of the internet, I discovered my enthusiasm for digital communication. I supported customers experiencing software problems on an online community in English, German and occasionally French. I began to use computer-assisted translation tools to deliver translations of the highest quality to my customers. During my job as a marketing assistant, I got my feet wet in offline and online marketing. Today, social media enables me to combine my love for languages and the digital world. Did you know that translate has its own hashtag #xl8 on social media? Most importantly, my professional activities have always focused on my customers: on you.

About you

Translation and social media place you and your own customers in the centre. Both areas can be combined or implemented separately according to your needs. Translation is also about translating your company language into customer language. As the world grows more globalised and digitalised, reaching out to your customers in their language and applying a strategic online approach are very important. You and your customers want to feel at home linguistically and digitally. However, there is only so much you can squeeze into an already overwhelmed schedule. By booking me, you can save time, increase your customer base and improve customer satisfaction. You will profit from insights I have gathered from 19 years of translation and 12 years of online communication working with a wide range of clients. If you want to know how, please feel free to contact me.